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CN.NE365.COM was built in 2002, it strives to provide a comprehensive service which covers electronic business, information consultant & marketing development etc. It has been developing into the most famous, influential and comprehensive stage in the Chinese intimate wear field by attracting long term concern and support from nearly 200 thousands intimate wear specialists and professional underwear companies on strength of hard work & good fame in the underwear field!

CN.NE365.COM traffic data (data of August, 2008)

Daily visit: 8000(number of persons)
Daily pageview: 56000(number of times)
Registered members: 215000(number of persons)

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There are 3 major sections News, Business and Community in the CN.NE365.COM, which provides the latest international industry news, fashion trends, marketing, management, retailing and design for Chinese intimate wear factories, retailers, suppliers and etc. CN.NE365.COM is the NO.1 platform for companies and individuals to acquire latest and useful information, to seek market opportunities, to conduct business communication, to promote product and brand awareness and to recruit international talent in China.


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After several years of endeavor, CN.NE365.COM has been rapidly developed to be the most authoritative and influential web media with over 8000 visitors per day, most of who are engaging in the Chinese intimate wear industry. It is no doubt that CN.NE365.COM is the first promotion channel that wise industrial customers turn to. It is really hard to stand out in this competitive industry and downturn economy nowadays in China. But with the help of CN.NE365.COMs targeted promotion channel, huge traffic and customer resource, to win the market is much easier for you.