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About Us

Underwear & Fashion Insight Media Kit 2009

Mission of UW!

Magazine Extension of Ideal

Paper, ink, front cover, back cover, binding into books and
publications, this is publishing. Suddenly, I feel a tug on my heartstrings, with delightment and joy. And I say: ¡°It¡¯s
beautiful!¡± That¡¯s the art of magazine. It¡¯s art¡­
UW is our extension of the ideal and art of the underwear
industry. Building up the number one Chinese fashion
magazine of the underwear industry, and serving national
and global leading underwear brand is our ultimate goal.

The Magic of Fashion

With our talented personal team and the perspectives of the world¡¯s experts within the field, we present you
an insider¡¯s view of the latest lingerie fashion trends, clothing matching guide of good taste, and branding
and marketing trends.
The Spirit of Elite
Pursuing perfection,
Contemporary art, and modern lifestyle,
We quench the thirst of your spirit, and satisfy your desires.

The Sprite Of Magazine

Mainstream fashion media with the focus of underwear industry Magazine-style newspaper Capturing highend resources of the underwear industry
The most internationalized and stylish media in mainland Providing all around solutions for our clients

The Best Channel For Brand Marketing

We provide the best strategy and channel for your brand marketing

High-end resources for high-end brands is UW¡¯s principle.
We create a unique platform where you can showcase your
brand image and its charm.

Uw Profile

Contents¡ª¡ªInternational lingerie design trends
Attitude¡ª¡ª Avant-garde,professional, and international
Style¡ª¡ªLogic first, design assured, emphasizing the concepts of design and the quality of photograph
Genre¡ª¡ªPagezine (newspaper-style magazine)
Readers¡ª¡ªlingerie designers, manager elites, fashionistas
Channel¡ª¡ªTerminals of leading high-end brands + department stores, executives of first-line underwear brands,
underwear designers, high-end agents

Elite Readers

Our readers in major cities proliferate throughout the country, mainly the successful of the underwear business, managers and executives, high income elites with a good taste

Target Audience

Age 25~45, terminals of leading high-end brands, department stores, executives of first-line underwear brands, senior underwear designers, high-end agents

Pass-Along Readership

Up to 1:6, with preservation more than 15 days (longer than general newspapers)

Total Readership

A growing audience frequency of more than 300,000 according to direct mail and public displays

Total Circulation

50000 per month


Who is reading UW


With the complete database analysis technology and the support form high-quality user resources of NE365.COM, through direct mail and public displays at high consumption facilities in major cities, UW precisely covers all the potential audience.


Based on the professional NE365.COM for the underwear industry, UW.NE365.COM provides electronic version of the magazine for the professionals, and the advertisements get secondary transmission.


Building your brand with our creativity
As one of the leading creative fashion magazines in China, UW constantly renovates the editorial contents and advertising patterns, and provides our clients with various projects and special layouts. We make every endeavor for the visual impact.

Multiple Integrated Solutions
Promotion For Individual Case

For the individual need of different customers and specific products, we design the optimal solutions to set off the idiosyncrasy of your products and meet the needs of the readers, which will effortlessly strengthen your brand image and promote your brand value.

Cooperating Columns

UW exploits topic-oriented sections which focus on your product lines. We catch readers¡¯ interest according to their reading habits, and elaborate suitable schemes. With serial editions which are endowed the same motif, UW enhances the brand image of your products, which especially is a good way to promote your flagship products.

Exceptional Formats

UW gives new energy to the traditional formats of advertising with ever-changing formula, adoption of new types of paper, rich variation of layouts and special printing technology. Our experienced team presents you diverse and original advertising forms that meet your special needs.

Speclal Supplemtent

Special supplement issue combines intriguing elements as hot topics in the fashion circle and recommended new arrivals for the season, carrying rich amount of information which can impress the readers and help them obtain in-depth understanding the theme of your products.

Cooperating column with Wacoal


A. UW and NE365.COM belong to the same company. Sharing and exchanging useful resources, UW provides webcast solutions as well as print media solutions.
B. With the partnership of the world's top French lingerie exhibition organizer Eurovet , UW is your advantage channel for international promotion
C. Experienced professional team provides quality service to build up your brand.

Successful Cases

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