Underwer & Fashion Insight(UW), the leading lingerie magazine in China has interviewed Michelle Rice, the director of lingerie and swimwear in Invista, in Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel.

Underwer & Fashion Insight (UW), the leading lingerie magazine in China has interviewed Michelle Rice, the intimate apparel & swimwear director at INVISTA, in Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel.
UW: Could you explain the name “In Show”? What does it mean?
Michelle: It means new. It is related to “In style”, “INVISTA”, “Innovation”. In 2011, “In Show” will be the name of INVISTA show that we bring into our market segments. I were excited to introduce it, get it as identity to what we are doing… and what we are doing with our partners--with exciting fabric and concept garment to promote that creations. So it is called “In Show”.
UW: Could you please explain the trends of 2011? Compared with the trends of 2010, is there any big difference?
Michelle: In 2011, we will see some exciting trends presenting here today from INVISTA. No matter how fashion trends change, INVISTA will always try to interpret the changing move of consumer and the change in fashion trend, which we integrate in innovation and do research to those trends. We know that the consumer is looking for things that make her life more convenient. She also wants to have products that improve quality of her life and help her live longer and look good during it. What we are trying to help is bringing innovation, and also matches with the fashion trend. For example, we have product like Lycra 2.0, with which can really create a modern and smooth aesthetics. We also have Lycra black fabric, which can create very dramatic black fabric that can last the color black longer than others.Things like Etra Life Lycra, no matter how beautiful and how recent design, no other have the confident that it can last longer than ours.
UW: In last Hong Kong Mode Lingerie Show, you always mentioned a word “Sheer material” when you were talking about the trend. Could you talk about it?
Michelle: Well, we see “Sheer” continues in the trend, that is really matter with the category. Take shapewear for example, we traditionally think it were quite heavy. However, in recent study that conducted by INVISTA in December, 2009, the consumer told that they want light weight shapewear. The demand pushes us to make more sheer and lighter fabric. It is a long lasting trend.
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