01.The intimate wear R&D consultant services

Intimate wear R&D consultant service is an advanced service for product designing which caters to the intimate wear brand companies. Our domestic & oversea designers and experts team will provide annual strategic guidance and implementation of upgrades strategy.The R&D team is comprised of the international renowned lingerie designers, the famous fashion trendy companies which lie in China and Europe, the color application experts, the market research consultants, paper sample & pattern making specialists, as well as the national outstanding underwear designers and experts.

Year (half year) products planningYear (six months) products study & analyzeProducts level upgrade

The strategy related with brand product

Product Optimizer

Consultant telephone: +86(20)85659948

02. High quality manufacturing consultant services

Service content: production & operations, quality & technology, cost control, and team-building etc

Service objective:
1. Train the inner consultants for the enterprises C the designers for the enterprise control system
2. Provide the intimate wear production management control modes which enable the enterprises designed independently and operated effectively.
3. Bring in progress and Improvement for the enterprises.

All the high quality manufacturing consultants are the senior experts who mainly from the famous enterprises management agencies in Taiwan and mainland China, they build enterprise infrastructure, kinds of process, performance planning, productivity raising, quality improving, cost optimizing and team capabilities improving, bringing in the professional management tools for the intimate wear production management through the scientific &systematic operation.

Consultant telephone: +86(20)85659948

03. The special consulting services for the international brands which plan to open the Chinese market

Our specialty: Familiar with the Chinese intimate wear market, the consumers & the market consumption characteristics, the market unique products and local market environment, high popularity among the Chinese underwear industry!

The services offered:

1. The special survey research related with the Chinese intimate wear market
2. The analysis for the Chinese intimate wear consumption.

3. The analysis for the Chinese intimate wear market environment
4. The analysis for the Chinese intimate wear investment prospects
5. Recommend cooperation service and experienced enterprises or personals
6. Recommend famous intimate wear fabric suppliers

7. Recommend well-known manufactures

We can help the global enterprises to make progress in the Chinese market by providing the support and assistance for them which include intimate wear companies, fabric and accessories companies, retailers, exhibition organizations, consulting firms and etc, which may encounter with the business bottleneck and difficulties related to the talents, laws, business partner, business operation, market development when they start to enter the Chinese underwear market.

04. The marketing & promoting services

In order to conclude a satisfactory cooperation with these enterprises, we cooperate with the domestic & oversea famous exhibitions actively with hope of providing high value brand marketing & promotion resources, participating different market activities such as trade promotion fair, promotion reference, large-scale public events etc, approaching the brand value and commercial requirements from the enterprise, keeping pace with the enterprises to solve all the problems.

We have the good cooperation with kinds of the domestic& oversea underwear enterprises. We can provide the professional suggestion and execution support, offering the general promotion service by making best use of the media advantages. In order to grow with the enterprises, we share the precious business experience such as: the ways how to build the intimate wear industry resources& commercial platforms through participating different large-scale intimate wear industry activities & the enterprise public events.