About G-Club

Global Intimate Wear Trade Club (G-Club) is founded by It is a nonprofit, loose and free organization for people who involved in global trading of intimate wear industry. G-Club hosts and organizes different kinds of activity & campaign include seminar, meeting, research, forum and training which focus but not limit on import & export. G-Club also pays attention on manufacture, fabric & material development, human resource & operation management, marketing & brand building and etc.


Our Object

1. Build a platform for people who involved in global trading of intimate wear industry to join together, to communicate and negotiate, to share idea and experience.

  1. 2. Build a platform for managers, entrepreneurs and specialists to find question, to solve problem and to promote the progress of whole industry.
  2. 3. Build a platform for enterprise, corporation, organization and society to find out partner, to share resource, to collaborate and cooperate with others.


Our Activity

1. Regular activities include seminar and meeting in China. G-Club brings different topic or subject for regular activities and invites members to join conversation. After the seminar or meeting, G-Club will publish report or just share the memo with club members.

  1. 2. Un-regular activities include training and research. G-Club invites experts and specialists to carry training for members on global trading, management and manufacture. G-Club also will give report of industry research for members.
  2. 3. G-Club will send newsletter to club members and give up to date news and information about intimate wear industry.

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G-Club 2010 Apr Activity   G-Club 2010 Apr Activity

G-Club 2010 Apr Activity


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