The talents service

The comprehensive service platform supply the high-extensive talents service for the intimate wear enterprises by integrating the human resource information from the most influential medias: NE365.COM website and the Underwear & Fashion Insight magazine, building the talents supplying& demanding platform for the intimate wear industry by establishing the perfect talents service systems which has the function of information sending& receiving and interacting!

The Job wants service for the enterprises

In connection with the different talents requirements, sending and managing the recruitment information through the talents channel in our websites and newspaper, publishing the job wants offer by elaborating the job vacancy details & the talents database, satisfying the job seekers and the enterprises maximally, bringing in the motivation for the development of the enterprises!

The talents consultant service for the enterprises

Where we can find the best general manager?
Where we can find the best deputy director?
Where we can find the best marketing director?
Where we can find the good designers?
Where we can find the good Corporation Strategy and Planning engineer?
Where we can find the supervisors?

We should be actively to find good talents for our enterprises!
In order to save time and cost, we replace the conventional recruitment by the clear talents position strategy which direct us to find the competent people! The talents consultant service will indentify the qualify talents with the right enterprises, both of which will be satisfactory. The detailed and thoughtful talent consultant service will bring solid guarantee for the talents& the companies!
We promise seriously to provide the ethical talents consultant service which target for choosing the qualified talents!