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Prof. Zhou Li from Tsinghua Universityto host China Apparel Industry Capital Forum



Capital Control for Business Expansion

Time: July 28th, 2011
Venue:Guangzhou International Conference Center
Attendees: presidents, general managers, CFOs of intimate apparel companies
Forum's approach: lecture by expert

Capital is a tool to subvert tradition and reality; the power of capitalism is the only path to be distinguished from competitors and to achieve great development; the midas touch for enterprise and brand success. Capital brings revolutionary changes. Capitalized operation for China intimate apparel is beyond the matter of needed or not--it is the key that desides who stands out from the competition. Capitalization has been in operation. Are you ready, China intimate apparel companies?

Capital Control for Business Expansion Organizer NE (Guangzhou New Eye Information & Technology Co., LTD) has invited Prof. Zhou Li from Tsinghua University to be the leaturer of the forum. With expert's pespective and plenty of useful real cases, Prof. Zhou Li will interpret capitalized operation modes and analyze the way to get listed, which offers strategies for enterprises to win a huge amount of capital for the next "golden 10 years" in order to achieve brand expansion.




the listing, skills and road map of clothing and intimate apparel enterprises
It is held specially for entrepreneur in apparel and underwear industry informing the work needed for a company to get listed in two to three years. It features research on apparel companies which got recently listed from GEM board small plates as well as from Hong Kong.

analysis the entire listing process textile and apparel enterprises
including listed companies from small plates and Hong Kong listed companies--Busen shares, Taiya shares, Jiangsu Kuangda, Wentz shares, Chinour, Caesar shares, Linda Silk, Mendale, MediaTek shares, Anna Rich, Carolina Textile, Saturday, Shandong Ruyi, Langsha shares, Peak Sports etc..



Core Content:

Reasons why clothing and intimate apparel enterprises need capitalized operation
Enough captical helps in technological upgrading, the introduction of high-end talents, expand market channels and brand updates.

Analysis on successful listing case of clothing and intimate apparel enterprises
Analysis of listed companies from small plates and from Hong Kong, including case analysis of wholesales and retail textile and clothing companies.

Three-year listing road map design for clothing and intimate apparel enterprises
Be aware of the protential problems, effectively circumvent the institutional difficulties, and design strategic 2-3 year listing road map.



Lecturer's Information:

Professor Zhou Li
PhD in Accounting,Tsinghua University Senior Professor

He owns striking achievement in capitalized operation related area including enterprise restructuring and reorganization, Investment and financing, and private listing. He has knowledgeable in enterprise's each stage of development from establishment to listing. He wrote over 80 pieces of papers and economic commentary for periodicals and magazine including Operations Research and Management Science, Economic Science, and Peking University Business Review.

He used to served as Director of Tsinghua Enterprise Group, Tsinghua Science Park, Tsinghua North, Qinghua Lu Silver, and Bitway.

During his assistance to the mayor of Kunming, he was in charge of the restructuring and debt stripping of 25 enterprises including Kunming China Paint, and Yunnan Transformer Factory. At present, he serves as government consultant of Haidian District and consultant of Peking University Union PE.

Prof. Zhou has rich knowledge in this field, who owns reading notes from hundreds of small companies in GEM, which include information in capital, tax, accounting, legal and listing rules. Prof. Zhou is in the core faculty of MBA classes held by first-class universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Fudan University and Sun Yat-sen University.



Forum Process: (July 28, 2011)

09:30-10:00 Sign-in All attendees Forum starting from 10:00
10:10-11:50 How to do capitalized operation for clothing and intimate apparel enterprises Prof. Zhou Li Theme lecture
12:00-14:00 Lunch time/ break    
14:00-15:30 Case Analysis of listed clothing and intimate apparel enterprises Prof. Zhou Li Theme lecture
15:30-16:00 break    
16:00-17:30 3-year listing road map design, relative finance and tax information Prof. Zhou Li Theme lecture
17:30-18:00 Q&A All attendees Interactive Q&A
19:00-21:00 Dinner party All attendees Dinner party


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Fee: Free (Dinner party included)




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